Home At Last!

The first week was pretty hectic, and I certainly had a hefty bought with depression. After 6.5 months of living in one room, sharing a kitchen with hundreds of different families over the months, loosing a son – and going through all the NICU life… Well, it all hit me at once. I found myself crying in the middle of the night while watching Kyle sleep… Crying while I washed the 60 some syringes and bottles required every day to feed and medicate him… I found that after 7 long months, my milk supply was finally coming to an end. Then to top it off, Kyle got sick.

Yes, home one week and he had his first cold! His oxygen went up to 1.5 litres, but things got better within another week – for all of us. Finally, we got into a routine, finally the constant crying and feeling of complete failure left me… I still cry now and then, but hey – who wouldn’t after all we’ve been through.

As my routine settled in, we started venturing beyond the home, while we still could (before the sick season starts). Besides our weekly doctor appointments, I try to make a “Girl Trip” once per week… I’ll meet a friend for lunch, do a little shopping – just getting out of the house. Of course the little man is in tow, but he loves it… He looks all over the place, until he quietly falls asleep. He’s such a good baby :)

Oh, and speaking of good baby… WOW, the doctors weren’t kidding when they said the babies grow much better at home! When he left the hospital, Kyle weighed 9lb 2oz. Just one month later… He’s weighing in at a whopping 12lb 15oz! That’s just incredible.

However, they did have to reduce his calories a couple of times. He was on a 30 calorie breastmilk+neosure+corn oil blend. Then we dropped to 27 calorie bm+neosure. Now, he’s on 24 calorie breastmilk + neosure powder. In a few weeks, I will run out of my frozen breastmilk – so we’ll go to straight formula after that. We’ll see if it still needs to be concentrated at that time.

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