Thank Goodness for Infant CPR Training!

Well, Kyle decided to celebrate his eight month birthday by giving us the scare of our life!

Today, about an hour after he was done with his feeding, Kyle coughed and spit up. It came bubbling out of his nose. I quickly grabbed him, and Karl grabbed the electronic suction machine – we cleared his nose and throat – and I removed his NG tube, but he still couldn’t breath and he was turning blue. So, I flipped him upside down (tummy-side down) and did 3 rounds of 5 thrusts on his back, clearing his mouth and nose with the suction machine each time… And finally he took a breath! It seemed like forever!!!

Karl had called 911 right at the beginning of me doing the thrusts, and within a couple minutes of me finishing – five paramedics where standing in my front room. Kyle was still in distress however, and 2 litres of oxygen wasn’t enough (the most we could do here). He was only satting 72% at that point – so they quickly set him up on a higher flow, blow-by mask. And we headed out the door to the Pediatric ER at Edwards Hospital in Naperville. By the time we got settled in the ambulance Kyle was back to normal. He had a great ride; laughing, smiling and talking to the paramedic the entire trip (he was proudly practicing his new “ELL” sound – sticking his tongue out as to give instructions to the paramedic who was mocking him).

We were in and out of the ER in 1.5 hours, but on the way home, they called us back to do a blood culture (per our Pediatrician), just in case. During our initial visit a chest x-ray was done, and they did find a little area in his upper left lung that was cloudier than a month ago when we where there. Most likely, one of the bugs he had in the NICU (found during a trach aspirate) finally decided to infiltrate. It’s obviously slow moving, so a simple round of Amoxicillin was prescribed to treat it. They also said that his O2 should go back to normal after that (it’s been a little high for the past month).

What a day!!!

Movin’ on Up!

Well, it’s almost time to say goodbye to our infant car seat. Turns out that our little guy is getting a little too “wide” for it. Sure, he has plenty of room to go in the length, but he’s so crammed in – it makes me uncomfortable to look at him.

So, today we purchased the new Evenflo Triumph DLX. It’s an upgraded version of their Triumph 5 model, which came with excellent reviews. Plus, it’s not too big, such as the Britax models. The Triumph came with extra pads for comfort support and to help craddle Kyle in a bit better. He’s still a little guy, so we wanted to be careful about that (safty you know).

Anyway, I think I’ll keep both car seats in the car for a while. Just in case I go to the grocery store, until my Bjorn is returned…. Oh, and there’s yet another story…

We no sooner got our Baby Bjorn Active carrier, and it was recalled due to a latch problem on the back harness. The parts are on order from Sweden, but until they arrive, and my carrier is shipped back – I’m out of luck. I’m so upset too, because I only got to use it three times, and I LOVED IT. Finally, I was able to move around freely with Kyle and his oxygen…

Oh well, it’s always something isn’t it.

Big, Bigger, BIGGEST…

It’s been a while since I updated the blogger – but this is a one woman job, and the woman has had her hands full. LOL.

Kyle’s home nurse came to visit on Tuesday, he weighed in at a Whopping 14lbs!!!! I can’t believe it, my guy is actually in the 75% for weight!

As for the rest. His head circ was 39cm, or 5%, and length was 55cm (still just shy of 5%). We are still struggling with the length, but he’s getting there. Having BPD, we find that little things such as hand size, foot size and length are all proving to be challenges to overcome. The drs say in time, that this will correct itself – so we try not to focus on that.

Big news on the developmental front. In addition to his ever increasing vocabulary (current favorite phrase: gunka-bunka-boo), Kyle is holding his head upright and controlling turn quite well. He’s not nearly as coordinated during tummy time, but he tries… We’re just happy that he likes tummy time :)

Also, Physical Therapy has been coming to the house 2x week. And with there training, Kyle can now almost completely roll over without assistance. In our last session, she raised his leg, just slightly crossing the other (without bringing the hip off of the ground), and Kyle flung himself over 3x’s!!! I was so proud of him. He’s also learning to bring toys to his mouth and overcome his left-sided delays (he favors everything to the right). He’s now reaching for toys on his left, and turning his head more to the left… Which is a wonderful, since we found out that he has torticollis and the muscles in that side of his neck are quite stiff.

Well, that’s the short and skinny. As I can, I will update more. Picture will follow soon, I’m sure. Karl needs to develop some film – or get batteries for the digital – SOON! :)

Ahhhh – Sweet Paci!

Oh, yes… This is the discussion of the PACIFIER… The sweetest gift ever given to a preemie!

As for Kyle, if you even attempt to take his pacifier from him during feeding or nap time, you’re likely lose a hand!

Just to give a brief history of Kyle’s intense love with the pacifiers, let’s take a picture stroll through time.

Here I am with my first pacifier by Wee Thumbie.

See how big I’ve grown… Now I get to use the Preemie Wee- Soothie. I’m already planning my escape!


Hey, are you sure about this… It looks a little big.

Okay, whatever you say… Here I am with my Big Boy, Soothie Paci – it smells like vanilla!

Here I am with my Secret Agent Paci – 007 Eat your heart out!

And here I am sound asleep with my Paci Roll :)

Life is always good with my paci by my side!

Gaining Too Much Weight!

I never once thought Kyle’s weight GAIN would be a problem, but it is now…

As I mentioned the other day, he weighed 9lb 2oz when he came home. Today Kyle weighed in at a whopping 13lb 5oz!!! HOLY COW!

His waist has grown 3cm over last week (of course he had just eaten), but his length is not keeping up with the pace.

A couple of weeks ago, Kyle caught a cold and his oxygen requirement shot up. The doctor ordered a small burst of predinosalone (steroids) for 5 days straight (usually he is takes it every other day). Ever since then he’s been retaining extra fluid and packing it on… Which of course will only make it more difficult for him to breath.

So, we have now increased our Lasix to M-W-F vs. M-Th only. In addition, we’re going from .5ml to .7ml. We are also increasing his Aldactazide (another diuretic), which he takes twice daily… Now that is set at 1ml vs. .8ml.

One more note, some of that gain is normal gain, and he’s been acting like he’s starving – so we’re going from 105cc to 115 (almost 4oz) 7x/day.

Here are his total stats from his weekly home nurse visit:
Weight: 6.34kilo/13lb 5oz
Length: 53cm (55cm at the doctors office on Friday)
Head Circ: 38.5cm
BELLY: 44cm